Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Madeleine Albright Brooch Collection a Political Statement

This gives a whole new meaning to diplomacy. While I dislike saying anything positive about Madeleine Albright, her brooch collection as a political statement is a sassy little signature:

...she chose to wear on her left lapel was determined by the state of play in ongoing diplomatic negotiations. So while Yasser Arafat was treated to a wasp, the South Korean president, Kim Dae-jung, got a more welcoming sun.
The fad kicked off after the Gulf war in 1994 when the Iraqi press referred to her as an "unparalleled serpent" and she decided to wear a coiled snake to her next meeting with Saddam Hussein. By the time she left office she had a collection of more than 300 brooches – most of them picked up for next to nothing at flea markets – including a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and a gold UFO with three aliens – presumably for meetings with the Taliban and David Icke respectively.
See a photo of Albright and her wasp here.
I wore wasps on tough days when I wanted to do a little stinging and deliver a tough message.

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