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Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media (AIM) showed up at the News Corporation annual meeting on October 16th and asked Rupert Murdoch why FOX News hired Dr. Marc Lamont Hill? News Corporation is the parent company of FOX News. Rupert Murdoch is the CEO of News Corp. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was a paid analyst for FOX News and appears, maddeningly and often, on Bill O'Reilly's The Factor.

Marc Lamont Hill

Kincaid was in the middle of raising a question that he has asked in a series of recent columns - namely, while properly questioning how the Obama Administration could possibly have hired Van Jones, with his radical background, how did FOX News hire Marc Lamont Hill as an analyst, when Hill had an easily documentable record in support of cop-killers. Before Kincaid completed the background for his question, News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch interrupted Kincaid to say that he appreciated Cliff's work on this matter, and that Hill had been "fired" last week.
On October 7, 2009 AIM reported this:
Marc Lamont Hill, the far-left hip-hop professor and paid Fox News Channel analyst, has a record in support of cop-killers. And now we have learned that he went on "The O'Reilly Factor" to defend black militants who held a March vigil in honor of Lovelle Mixon, a suspected rapist with a lengthy criminal record, who murdered four Oakland police officers. Hill said on Fox News that the activists, many of them from a communist organization, were protesting "police terrorism." Recall that Hill claims that cop-killer Assata Shakur, who fled to Communist Cuba after escaping from prison, is innocent. Hill has also declared his support for Mumia Abu-Jamal, another convicted cop-killer, who is on death row. Hill called him a "freedom fighter" and "political prisoner" devoted to "black liberation" and announced that the convicted killer would be contributing to Hill's website as a weekly contributor. "Welcome Brother Mumia!!!!" Hill said. The defense of the protesters in the Mixon case adds to the growing concern about this Fox News contributor, who is paid handsomely by the channel to appear on various Fox News Channel shows and is supposed to provide the appearance of fairness and balance.
From an article titled The Extreme makeover of Fox News analyst Marc Lamont Hill:
Who would plaster his Twitter page with police mug shot photos of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur? Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill did. At least until David Horowitz and Accuracy in Media took notice and wrote about it. Now the page features photos of boxing great Muhammad Ali. Hill's MySpace page is also gone. There are other changes as well. The tributes to Shakur and black racist Khallid Muhammad, known as "America's Black Hitler," have disappeared from his web pages. The articles were saved, however, and can be found here. Remember that Hill had claimed that he hadn't written the tribute to the cop-killer, and that it had been posted under his name and written by someone else, even though it was signed, "Marc." The claim was difficult to take seriously. There was no confusion about the Muhammad piece, since it included personal references to Hill's growing-up years. That article concluded, "'I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DR. KHALLID."
AIM refers us to quotes by Khallid Muhammad, according to a new book by Fred Gielow:
Fred Gielow's excellent new book, "I Can't Believe You Said That!," has been published, with a section on Muhammad. Considering some of the statements reproduced in this book, one can understand why the tribute to him would be taken off Hill's website. But we are still left wondering why it was there in the first place. You will recall that Hill, who appears regularly on "The O'Reilly Factor," had described Muhammad as "a mentor, teacher, and revolutionary hero."
In Gielow's book, Muhammad is quoted as declaring in1995, "This is the time of the black man's rise and the white man's demise." This quote is rather mild, compared to what he said in his 1996 "Kill the White Man" speech to a black audience: "...I say, goddamnit, we kill 'em all! [applause] You say, well why kill 'em all? Why kill the women? First, why kill the babies? They're just little innocent blue-eyed babies. Because g*ddamnit, they're gonna grow up one day to rule your babies. Kill 'em now." Fox analyst Hill has declared his belief that the brain aneurysm that claimed Muhammad's life was somehow deliberately induced by outside forces and that Muhammad was "assassinated."
As Maggie's Notebook contributor, and writer for the Examiner, Jim Simpson, says:
Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has scored a victory for our side as significant as Trevor Loudon's exposing of Van Jones. He got racist radical Marc Lamont Hill, a former Fox News commentator, who rationalized cop killing on air, fired. We have a lot to thank Cliff for. He has helped expose Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn's likely involvement in fatal bombings and kept the heat up, and has brought to our side absolutely critical information about our domestic enemies you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Go to his website. Look at all the incredible resources, and put in a donation! Cliff is one fighter we want and need to be at the forefront in this final battle for the soul of our country.
After watching Marc Lamont Hill's incredulous performance, defending the indefensible on FOX, and being treated with an extreme measure of respect for his opinions, I'm happy he is gone. Bring on the next Liberal.

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