Monday, October 19, 2009

Mike Jones Tulsa World: Tulsa World Editor on Rush Limbaugh

Tulsa World Associate Editor, Mike Jones, said in today's paper that Rush Limbaugh refused to take responsibility for his own rejection from the NFL St. Louis Rams bid - because Rush made it political.

So, Mr Jones, you think the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton are what...religious? You think racism is not...political? Jones is puzzled:

Limbaugh refuses to accept any of the responsibility for the rejection. He immediately clamped onto a political angle by saying he believes what happened to him was an illustration of "Obama's America on full display."
What, exactly, that is supposed to mean escapes me. But it certainly will resonate with the dittoheads.
Just have to tell you that I'll take the dittohead option any time, over the head up the gluteus maximus of Barack Obama. There's daylight in the conservative world, smoke and mirrors, victimhood and racism, taxes and nannyhood in the world of Barack Obama.

Well, really Mr. Jones. Limbaugh was rejected because he is political. As a sports anchor, you and other didn't like his opinion that a quarterback was promoted by the press because he was a black quarterback. That wasn't quite enough, because afterall, the world knows about that debacle, so the lies began. Really, really terrible lies. Liberal political operatives, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made it political and racist - both one and the same thing in today's political environment. They chose to further the lies.

The uh "Reveruuunnd" Jesse Jackson says Limbaugh made his wealth "appealing to the fears of whites." What? No. Jesse Jackson has made his wealth appealing to the fears of blacks by telling them the gravy train

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