Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Steve Israel Shouted Down at Townhall: Stop Printing Money

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) stood in front of his health care Townhall and listened to shouts of "stop printing money." The good news is, this was in New York's second district, which includes Long Island. See video below.

Steve Israel 

According to this report, Israel's audience of about 450, was largely against the administration's health care reform bills. Someone asked why tort reform was not part of reform. Chants of "tort reform" followed.

When asked if abortions would be paid for through health care reform, Israel told them not if they chose an insurance plan that banned payments for the procedure. What?

What the people are facing is a government wanting to pay for abortion - advocating paying for abortion. These are sad days for this country. Israel apparently didn't inform his audience that they will lose their private insurance if they change jobs. The option for private insurance is completely lost for new employment - and the government option is your only future - for the rest of your life. He apparently didn't mention that government plans to be the single payer, and the plan to put insurance companies out of business.

 Israel was told he was a "moron." He was told the crowd didn't "care what you think," he was called a "liar." Israel pleaded with the crowd to "listen." This was a serious crowd of Townhallers.

This district was previously represented by Republican conservative Rick Lazio who stepped down in a losing bid for the senate. This district was gerrymandered in 2002 which made a liberal win a sure-thing. Middle-class conservative South Shore was carved out, and the liberal North Shore became a part of District 2. I applaud the seemingly liberal voters in Israel's district for shouting down the lies. It's the only way any of us can be heard today. The video below is just prior to Israel's townhall. See New Yorker's concisely get the message out - and be ignored.

Steve Israel Townhall

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