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White House Hosts Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers: Andrew L. Stern SEIU Tops List of Most Numerous Visitor

A list made available by the White House shows that both William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright have visited the White House since President Obama took office. William Ayers was there twice, once on May 2, 2009  and once on April 9 January 27 , 2009. Jeremiah Wright arrived on March 24, 2009 with no record of departure. Neither had an audience with the President of the United States (POTUS), and according to officials, neither are the William Ayers or the Jeremiah Wright. See 10-31-09 update below.

White House Visitors

The list is available in PDF file and an Excel file, thanks to MSNBC's Bill Dedman. Note that I've taken a guess at the positions these people hold. The information is not provided on the White House list, so...this is a guess.

The most interesting observation is that Andrew L. Stern, the president of SEIU (Service Employees International Union) met with Mr. Obama more times than anyone on this particular list - 7 times, none of them in Oval Office. (see update about Stern below)

Edward L. Yingling, President and CEO of the American Bankers Association met with Obama 4 times

Camden R. Fine, CEO of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) - 4 times
Daniel A. Mica President and CEO of Credit Union National Association
John Huntsman - perhaps Jon Huntsman, Jr., Ambassador to China - 4 times

Jesse Jackson met with the President 3 times and numerous other visits with White House personnel. Al Sharpton made it to the Oval Office, Jesse Jackson did not.

Below is are those meeting with the President in the Oval Office and then a list of those that met with Barack Obama somewhere on the White House grounds. The list often does not have middle initials and many visits are undated. If we could embarrass this White House, this record keeping would be embarrassing. Robert Gibbs said this week that "hundreds of thousands of vistors" had come through the White House since Obama's arrival - here we have only about 500.

List of those visiting with the POTUS in the Oval Office:  
Mahmoud Abbas - Chmn Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), undated

The Newt Gingrich on May 7 for an meeting on "education"
William Gates - the Microsoft William Gates according to Dedman, no date 
Hamid Karzai - President of Afghanistan, no date
Alfred Sharpton May 7, May 26

List of those meeting with the President somewhere on White House grounds:
Fred Becker - probably CEO and President of National Assoc. of Fed. Credit Unions - undated

Lloyd C. Blankfein - CEO and Chair Goldman Sachs - February13 and March 27

John Boehner - US Congressman R-OH POTUS and FLOTUS undated

Shawn Carter - can this be Jay-Z, the husband of Beyonce Knowles? - undated

"Billy" Clinton March 24th

Kent Conrad - US Senator D-ND POTUS and FLOTUS undated

Jon Cornyn - US Senator R-TX, undated

Richard M. Daley - Chicago mayor, undated

Richard Daley March 17

David B. Dillon - COB Kroger Company,  Feb. 13th

James Dimon - CEO and Chmn of JPMorgan Chase, twice - Feb. 13 and once undated

Byron Dorgan US Senator D-ND, POTUS and FLOTUS

Steve Driehaus - US Congressman D-OH, twice undated

Dick Durbin US Senator D-IL, February 1 and twice undated

Dick Durbin POTUS and FLOTUS undated

Steve Elmendorf - Democrat strategist, undated

Camden R. Fine - CEO of ICBA, March 27, May 20, June 17 and once undated

Kim A. Gandy - former president of NOW,  March 11 and May 26

Steve C. Gunderson, CEO and president of Council on Foundations, no date

Hill Harper, actor (real name Frank Harper), no date

Jon Huntsman - Ambassador to China??? twice on May 16 and twice undated

Kay Baily Hutchison POTUS and FLOTUS

Jesse Jackson undated

Jesse L. Jackson POTUS and FLOTUS twice undated

Nancy A. Keenan - president of NARAL,  February 18

Nancy Keenan March 11, May 26

Robert Kennedy in March

Edward M. Kennedy, no date

Robert P. Kelly - CEO Bank of New York Mellon, March 27

Amy Klobuchar February1

Amy Klobuchar POTUS and FLOTUS no date

Paul Krugman - Prof. of Economics/International Affairs at Princeton, April February 1

AG Lafley - former CEO and COB Proctor & Gamble, February 13

Gara Lamarche - CeO The Atlantic Philanthropies,  February 18

Philip Lamarche - perhaps with the New York State Board of Elections? no date

Philip G. Lamarche no date

Carol S. Larson - President and CEO David and Lucile Packard Foundation, no date

Risa Lavizzomourey - Pres. and CEO Robert wood Johnson Foundation, March 5 and
June 22

Kenneth Lewis - CEO and President Bank of America, March 27

Ronald E. Logue - CEO of State Street, March 27

John J. Mack - CEO and Chmn Morgan Stanley, March 27

Ellen  R. Malcom - Founder of Emily's List, IBM heiress, president of America Coming Together,  March 11

Mark Mallory - Cincinnati mayor, no date

Robert L. McDonald - Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, no date

Jeff Merkley (D-OR) - POTUS and FLOTUS no date

Danne L. Mica POTUS and FLOTUS no date

Daniel Mica undated

Daniel Mica POTUS and FLOTUS, twice undated

Daniel A. Mica - CEO Credit Union National Assoc. June 17 and once undated

Michael C. Moore (?) June 22

David J. OReilly - CEO and Chmn Chevron Corp., February 13

Sally R. Osberg - Ex. Dir. Children's Discovery Museum, no date

Robert S. Nichols - Pres & COO Financial Services Forum, May 20, June 17

Vikram Pandit - CEO Citigroup, March 27

Nancy Pelosi no date
Collin Peterson - Congressman (D-MN) POTUS and FLOTUS, no date

John D. Podesta - CeO Center for American Progress, February 2 and once undated

Lynn C. Richards - ?, February 18, March 5

John W. Robert - ?, undated

Nancy Roob - Pres. & CeO Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, undated
Timothy Ryan March 17

Timothy Ryan POTUS and FLOTUS undated

Timothy T. Ryan - former NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers or is this T. Timothy Ryan, CEO Securities Industry and Financial Markets Assoc.?, undated

Timothy Ryan POTUS and FLOTUS, undated

Alfred Sharpton, May 26th

Paul Smith, undated

Paul M. Smith - Attorney, partner at Jenner & Block, twice on May 26

Andrew L. Stern February 18, and February 23, May 26, July 13 and twice undated

Andy Stern March 17

Ted Strickland - Democrat Governor of Ohio? undated

John G. Stumpf CEO & Pres. Wells Fargo, March 27

Nancy Stutley - Chair WH Council on Environmental Quality, no date

Scott E. Talbott - Senior VP the Financial Services Roundtable (an organization of CEO's of the nation's largest banks, brokerages and insurers, May 20

Rex W. Tillerson - CEO and Chmn. Exxoon February 13

Richard L. Trumka -  President AFL-CIO, February 6

Luis A. Ubinas - President, Ford Foundation, undated

Bill White - is this the leader of the American National Socialist Worker's Party? undated

William White - is this the Episcopal Bishop of Pennsylvania? or the Canadian economist? undated

Edward L. Yingling - Pres. & CEO of the American Bankers Association, March 27, April 23, May 20, June 17

Update 10-31-09:
Michelle Malkin headline of 10-25-09: SEIU leads new banking shakedown campaign. We can see from the small list of POTUS visitors above that Obama has concentrated on SEIU and bankers. If I were a banker, I think I'd give some thought to Barack Obama being a spy for SEIU.

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