Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jerry Brown ACORN: ACORN Brown Document Dump:

California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, was interviewed by KABC's Peter Tilden about thousands of documents found in a trash dumpster outside the San Diego ACORN office. Once again, Brown seems to be protecting ACORN in the latest scandal - a garbage can document dump.

Jerry Brown

In this case, an "investigator" saw someone from an ACORN office dump "things" into an outdoor dumpster. The investigator took a look and found twenty-thousand documents with personal information about, presumably, ACORN clients who filled out paperwork with personal information like social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and perhaps banking information. No care was taken by ACORN to block out the sensitive material by disposing of it.
ACORN's political agenda is also exposed, with thousands upon thousands of documents revealing the depth of the political machine that is ACORN, and its disturbing ties to not only public employee labor unions but some of the most radical leftist organizations.

The laws governing how sensitive, personal information such as social security numbers, driver's license numbers, immigration records, tax returns, etc. must be treated are very stringent, and thus it seems as if ACORN may have committed serious violations in that department alone, with thousands upon thousands of potential plaintiffs.
ACORN may fall into a category of lenders and tax advisers which is federally regulated by how a client's private information can be disposed of. Your bank cannot simply put your private information in a trash bin. Can ACORN? But Brown believes we have an "expectation" of privacy in our trash bins? ACORN may, but you can bet, you and I do not have that same "expectation." The other side of this story is that Jerry Brown supposedly has an investigation underway into ACORN, and so we might think he would be a tad upset that the office is dumping documents of any kind.

We would be wrong with that assumption. Jerry Brown has some major fondness for ACORN.  Recently, David Lagstein, the "chief" organizer for San Diego's ACORN office, was caught on tape saying that Jerry Brown had just called for an investigation into ACORN, specifically prompted by the famous "pimp and prostitute" tapes recently exposed by BigGovernment.com. Lagstein is heard, and recorded, saying that Brown's office "suggested that the fault will be found with the people that did the video and not the people with ACORN."

But the investigator is the one being scrutinized. Who is he working for...who paid him? Listen to the audio of Brown and the Tilden Show. Brown almost immediately quotes a poll saying 52% of Republicans believe that ACORN actually stole the election for President Obama." He rambles and his behavior is bizarre - but he promises an unbiased investigation! Notice there are no questions about David Lagstein's claims that the fix is already in on the pimp and prostitute investigation.

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