Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Liberal Post Election Headlines: Anderson Cooper James Carville Video

After Republicans take the governing of Virginia and the very blue New Jersey, writing headlines had to be a headache this morning. Here's a sampling: (see a video below)

CNN - Elections not a referendum on Obama

ABC: '09 Exit Polls - "Voters Wary of Economy, Obama Not a Factor

MSNBC: Democrat wins seat in heavily GOP area of N.Y.

CBS: Corzine's Fall has been Festering for a while

No one wants to talk about the real reason that Doug Hoffman lost the NY23 special election race for the U.S. House. Doug Hoffman had zero support from the GOP. In fact, the party fathers supported the RINO (Republican in name only) DeDe Scozzafava who dropped out of the race, on Halloween, after the GOP had already flushed $900,000 down her liberal toi-ty. To repeat, Doug Hoffman lost by 3 points with no support from the GOP. You won't hear that anywhere but in blogs.

 Rush Limbaugh prediction November 3, election day a.m.:

ABC News radio at the top of the hour here on cue -- by the way, CNN is doing the same thing -- said that the White House is insisting that these governor races should not be seen as a judgment on the White House.

It's tough being CNN today.  They've got a poll out that shows Obama at 54% approval.  Now, what timing, the day of the election and the day before the results are analyzed.  So if Obama is at 54% approval and the Democrats get shellacked today, why, it has nothing to do with Obama.  But they bury something very important in their own poll.  Obama health care approval: 42 for, 57 against in the CNN poll.  

I think the video below was taped just before election results were announced. In the video, Obamacare is tied to the evening's elections. Listen to James Carville: if Democrats do not pass health care, the Dems might lose both Chambers [in 2010] - "they'll get slaughtered. Carville also tries to suggest that low health care approval polling is due to Americans being upset that Obama is taking so long to get the job done. They are desperate.

Anderson Cooper - Election Panel Analysis

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