Monday, November 23, 2009

Martha Stewart Sarah Palin: Martha Stewart Queen of Mean: Martha Stewart Rachel Ray

From the woman who was indicted on nine counts of securities fraud and obstruction of justice - then spent five months in prison, and wore an ankle bracelet during home confinement; from the woman who had a middling modeling career and appeared in Tareyton cigarette commercials; from the woman who had a terrible relationship with her own daughter until she went to prison; from the woman who just said Rachel Ray's new cookbook is a "re-edit," and nothing that will fulfill a need in someone's library - and doubted that Ray has her own garden, her Taughty-ness, her Haughty-ness - wanna-be Queen of Daytime homemaking-supreme, who is really the Queen of Mean these days, just had the audacity to take-off on the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. See videos below.

Martha Stewart
Courtesy Chris Britt - The State Journal-Register

Martha Stewart
Courtesy Bruce Plante - Chattanooga Times Free Press

Martha Stewart on Sarah Palin (video)
Martha Stewart on Rachel Ray (video)

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