Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Missouri Governors Office: Breaking Hostage Crisis? Maybe Gunshots?

FOX New has just reported a breaking story in Jefferson City, Missouri where an alleged hostage crisis is believe to be underway at or near the office of Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon. Maybe gunshots. No other info at this time.  A Caution - this was a very short report from Harris Faulkner at Fox. You know how these things go. It could be nothing. It could be something. Updates when available. See updates below. New video below with Missouri Lieutenant General speaking.

Governor Office Building

Update 11:23 a.m. CDT
Harris Faulkner says she is speaking to someone on the second floor of the building where a possible hostage crisis is underway. She now says there have been no gunshots. The first floor of the building has been evacuated. No Missouri official has announced a hostage situation, at this time.

The AP reports that police have surrounded a Jefferson City office building NEAR the Governor's Mansion. Employees are remain in the building with their doors locked. There is no known threat to Governor Jay Nixon. The Missouri Public Service Commission offices are in the building.

Update 1:47 a.m. CDT
The name of the building surrounded by police today is The Governor Office Building, but it is not the Governor Nixon's office. In the new video below, time-stamped about 2 hours ago, the Lieutenant Governor says this building is located across the street from the Governor's Mansion

This report from Columbia Tribune about 1 hr. ago says a woman inside the building called the alarm company and reported a hostage situation. The report also says the woman making the call is being questioned by police.

Jefferson City, Missouri Hostage Crisis - Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (video)

Photo Credit Parker Eshelman, Columbia Tribune

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