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Sean Hannity gives Newt Gingrich an opportunity for redemption. After Sean explains that Newt was his first interview, ever, in Atlanta, establishing that the two go way, way back, the discussion of Scozzafava and the NY23rd began.

Newt Gingrich

Hannity began "I was surprised that you had endorsed her [Scozzafava]." Newt has a few weasel words, but did say he regretted that his endorsement. Don't we know he does. He pointed out that he endorsed Hoffman and worked hard for him (yes, Sunday, Monday and election day - far too little, way too late).

We will know that Newt's political heart has really changed when he endorses Marco Rubio for governor in Florida. Thanks to Saint Petersblog for the following transcript of an interview with Newt about Crist and Rubio:
Reporter: Speaker, why don't you tell us who do you like for the Florida Senate race?

Newt: Well, I think they're both fine people.

I've worked with Governor Crist for many years, and I've worked with Speaker Marco Rubio. It's going to be an interesting choice. Marco Rubio's a very aggressive, very articulate conservative. Governor Crist is a very solid political figure.

I think that Florida's very fortunate to have that kind of a primary. Those are both very good people.
We know what a "very solid political figure" means. It means Crist has a lot of name recognition and is a polished politician. Crist is not conservative. Marco Rubio is conservative. We'll see what happens as the primary nears, but the GOP has already endorsed Charlie Crist. A pox on them!

The first video below is the Newt and Hannity discussion about Scozzafava. The second video is Newt in Florida at a book signing and an interview with a local reporter, when he is asked about Marco Rubio and sitting governor, Charlie Crist.

Newt Gingrich - Sean Hannity on DeDe Scozzafava

Newt Gingrich - Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist

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