Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rupert Murdock Supports Glenn Beck: Murdoch says Beck is right

Glenn Beck struck a nerve in August when he said President Obama was "racist" on Fox and Friends in the morning. Now, Rupert Murdock the owner of NewsCorp's FOXNews and hosts Beck's immensely popular Glenn Beck show, has told Australian political editor for Sky News, David Speers, that he believes Beck was right. See video below.

In the first video below, you will hear Murdoch say Obama "did make a very racist comment." He said Beck was right. He also says he thinks Obama is doing "badly." In 2008, Murdoch shocked much of the conservative world by calling Barack Obama a "rock star."
The second video is Beck on Fox and Friends. This conversation originated from a Cambridge, Massachusetts policeman arresting Obama's friend, Professor Henry Louis Gates. Shortly after, Obama on television, in front of a national audience, said the policeman had acted "stupidly." The gauntlet was thrown. Beck hurled it back.

Rupert Murdoch - Glenn Beck is right (video)

Glenn Beck on Fox and Friends - Obama is racist (video)

Watch the entire conversation between Beck and FOX and Friends to get the context of the conversation here.

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