Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Chris Wallace Part 3: Limbaugh NFL Cowardice Biden Palin (video)

Below is the video of Part 3 of Chris Wallace's interview with Rush Limbaugh. See Part 1 here. See Part 2 here.

Pull-out quotes from Part 3:

WALLACE: Finally, some politics. You predict a possible blood bath for Democrats in 2010.

RUSH: I really do. I know that there is an eruption waiting to happen at the ballot box. I know that a majority of the people in this country are opposed to every single major agenda item that Obama has proposed and is trying to get passed.

The mainstream media doesn't do it, doesn't know it. They think they need a visa to go to Missouri. You know, they -- they're not in touch with what's happening out -- and in fact, if they find out that there's this kind of angst, they look at the voters with contempt -- "Well, you're not sophisticated to understand how brilliant Obama is and how magical his agenda" -- they don't want any part of it.

And it's going to be bigger than anybody thinks, especially -- especially -- if health care gets passed, and if they get cap and trade, and they start going down this global warming fiasco track and get something passed on that. There will be a revolt at the polls.

WALLACE: If you had to bet now, does Barack Obama win re- election in 2012?

RUSH: If I had to bet now, he will not. 

Rush Limbaugh and Chris Wallace on NFL Cowardice, Biden and Palin (video)

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