Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scott Fenstermaker 9/11 Terrorist Lawyer: Fenstermaker Dumps on 9/11

Scott Fenstermaker is the lawyer for 9/11 terrorist Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali. Fenstermaker made the announcement that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four other 9/11 terrorists will plead not guilty at their New York City trial. In an email conversation with Hot Air, Counselor Fenstermaker dumped on 9/11/01, and everyone who cares about that day.

Scott Fenstermaker

In an email to Hot Air's Ed Morrisey, Fenstermaker said the following:
By the way, please tell your subscribers that I still don’t know who attacked the World Trade Center and, yes, I still don’t care. From the perspective of those who died, it makes very little difference who killed them. From the perspective of everyone else, its frankly none of their business, unless they sit on the jury of course. Print that loud, wide, and clear.
The Hot Air email from Fenstermaker raises other issues. Be sure to read it. Note that 9/11 is the "business" of a "lawyer" but is "none of the business" of the rest of us. Isn't that the way it goes? Remember that Fenstermaker will receive ALL of the most sensitive, classified information brought into this trial.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed not guilty plea

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