Tuesday, November 24, 2009

William Bill Sparkman Suicide Confirmed: Kentucky Authorities Confirm Sparkman Suicide

According to authorities, William "Bill" Sparkman took out two insurance policies recently and then killed himself. Of particular importance: Glenn Beck cannot be blamed for Mr. Sparkman's death. Latest update 11-24-09 below.

William "Bill" Sparkman

Mr. Sparkman "acted alone" in attempting to stage his death as a murder, according to investigators. The insurance policies will not pay the claim if the death is a confirmed suicide.

Sparkman's naked body was found hanging from a tree, with his feet in contact with the ground. His eyes and mouth were were taped and an identification tag was allegedly found on his body. The word "fed" was scrawled across his chest in black marker ink.

Mr. Sparkman was a part-time substitute teacher and a part-time census worker. When his body was found in the Daniel Boone Forest in southeastern Kentucky, the Left jumped at the chance to intimate that skinheads and/or rednecks had killed the man as he was taking the census in some rugged, backwood territory said to be infiltrated with meth labs, drug dealers and pot growers. Glenn Beck, tea-party goers and other conservative radio talkers were also blamed for ginning up anti-government sentiment. Problem was, he was not taking the census and Glenn Beck and his supporters were not responsible.

Bill Sparkman was a sick man. He battled non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer for years, as well as chemo-therapy treatments. Friends say he was congenial, always smiling, punctual and dependable. He was single, had a grown adopted son, and presumably wanted to leave money to that son.

Update 11-24-09:
From CNN - this shocking news:
Autopsy results showed no evidence of any cancer or terminal illness, officials said, although it was reported that Sparkman had previously had lymphoma. Police would not say who the beneficiary of the insurance was.
The report also said that Sparkman was found almost on his knees, and could have stood any time he wanted to do so.
In addition, he told a "credible witness" of his plans to commit suicide and stage the scene to make it look like he was slain because he worked for the federal government. The details were consistent with how Sparkman died and was found, Rudzinski said.
Sparkman had told the witness, whom police declined to name, that he intended to dispose of some of his personal effects, including his laptop computer and other items. Police have not found those items, Rudzinski said.
Thanks to Chicago Ray via Michelle Malkin. These are both very interesting reads.

Bill Sparkman Hanged: Glenn Beck Blamed for Sparkman Hanging?

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