Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bill Ayers Protests Afghanistan Troops: Brian McDonnell Weatherman Murder Case Still Open

 Bill Ayers is in the streets of Chicago protesting Obama's troop escalation in Afghanistan. Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn. The murder case of San Francisco policeman Sergeant Brian McDonnell , in February 1970, during a Weatherman bombing of the police station, was reopened in March 2009, and Dohrn and Ayers are believed to be implicated. Links to background on Obama's friend Bill Ayers, and quotes from him you should know about, are after the video.

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

McDonnell took the brunt of the blast to his body and face. The bomb was packed with inch-long industrial fence staples, which severed his jugular vein and lodged in his brain. He would die two days later without regaining consciousness.

 The MiamiNewTimes reveals that two "credible eyewitnesses - both tied to the Weathermen, have given statements and at the least, Dohrn is in trouble.
The case against the Weathermen is far from complete. Still, given the multiple witnesses tying the group's former members to the killing of a police officer, some investigators say they are troubled by the impunity with which Ayers and Dohrn have peddled a version of the past wiped clean of bloodshed.

"I don't think they should be besmirched. I just think the truth should come out," said retired FBI Special Agent Willie Reagan, who investigated the Weathermen in the 1970s and served on a task force that reopened the investigation into McDonnell's murder in 1999. "There's so much there. If you've ever been in a courtroom, you know defense attorneys can create doubt about anything. But common sense tells you something. Who else could it be?"
From the man who told America to "kill all the rich people...kill your parents, and shared an office with Barack Obama for three years while they cheated the children in Chicago  schools out of millions...we are lectured about Afghanistan.

Bill Ayers - Afghanistan (video)

 Thanks to Lew Waters writing at Victoria Taft for video

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