Wednesday, December 9, 2009

David Lemon Sculpts The Mountain Man's Rifle

You've seen the name David Lemon here many times. He is a blogging friend and a great news hound. I went to his place today, From Clay to Bronze to see photos of a cattle drive in his town of Ennis, Montana - up there in God's country.

I love to watch David's videos. Not only is he a master sculptor, but he is a master videographer, as well. Today he was working on the rifle that would fit into the hand of his mountain man. I hope you have time to watch this. It is amazing stuff - and such incredible talent. Be sure that you stay with the video, at the very least through sculpting the mountain man's hand. Unbelievably beautiful! I think you will be mesmerized.

David Lemon Sculpts

Visit David at Clay to Bronze - 2009 and David Lemon Bronzes by Lemon.

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