Friday, December 4, 2009

Donna Jackson Shoots Intruder with Shotgun in Oklahoma: Billy Dean Riley Dies at End of Donna Jackson's Shotgun

Donna Jackson, in Cushing, Oklahoma, was on the phone with 911 as a man tried to break into her home. Jackson was home by herself. As she talks to 911, the dogs continue to bark and he bangs on the door. Jackson gets her 16-gauge shotgun out. The 911 operator can hear him knocking and yelling. Listen to it below. (this report is paraphrased)

Billy Dean Riley

Jackson says he is "crazy." She gives 911 instructs for police on how to get in the front gate, the dog's name and where to find a key to the house. The dispatcher asks if she can go to a room and lock herself in. Jackson eventually says I've got a shotgun and I'm not going in a tiny room.

The Operator tells her that she has the 'okay' to defend her property.  I don't want to kill this man, but I will kill him. He's kicking the door. He's going to make it in. Please hurry.

Jackson says she thinks he is drunk. Oh dear God,...it's a big shotgun. It will break my arm. As soon as the police get here I'm putting the safety on. Jackson says he keeps yelling "Pat." He's getting ready to break a window.

The man picked up plastic patio table and threw it through the patio door.

Oh, he's got it. He came through the window. She put the phone down. She tells the Operator he is in the house and she is going to shoot. Eventually she does. Oh please dear God I think I killed him. Please dear God in heaven, I think he's dead. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry Father.

The police are still not there. The Operator calls Medi-Flight.

Listen to this woman's anguish. Her anguish for his family. There's only one way to look at this. This man did this to himself. The dead man is Billy Dean Riley. He was 53 years old and the photo above is from a 2005 mugshot. Donna Jackson did not know him. The police do not arrive for what appears to be over 24 minutes after the 911 call begins. The report from  NewsOK is here. I've never heard anything like this. I bet you haven't either.

Donna Jackson and Cushing, Oklahoma 911 Operator

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