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Nina Gershon Acorn: Gershon Rules Congress Impotent: Michele Bachmann Barney Frank:

 Judge Nina Gershon ruled that ACORN will continue to receive millions from American taxpayers, effectively ruling Congress impotent to take away what they giveth; and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) discusses Rep. Barney Frank's (D-MASS) amendment in the House Financial Services Committee to allow ACORN a seat on the panel that monitors the Financial Services Committee regulations. See a video below.

Congress banned federal payments to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) after video surfaced of ACORN advising clients how to avoid federal taxes on illegal businesses, purchase a house to be used for prostitution and trafficking foreign 13-year-old girls for prostitution. The ruling renders Congress even more impotent than already shown to be in this era of Obama Czars.

Congress can give, but apparently Congress cannot take away, once you are on the federal Philanthropic gravy train.

From The Hill:

Judge Nina Gershon concluded that the ban amounted to a "bill of attainder" that unfairly singled out ACORN.
"[The plaintiffs] have been singled out by Congress for punishment that directly and immediately affects their ability to continue to obtain federal funding, in the absence of any judicial, or even administrative, process of adjudicating guilt," Gershon wrote in her decision.

Gershon said ACORN had demonstrated "irreperable harm" from the ban, while "the potential harm to the government, in granting the injunction, is less."

"The public will not suffer harm by allowing the plaintiffs to continue work on contracts duly awarded by federal agencies, which was stopped solely by reason of [the ban]," Gershon wrote.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said the following about Clinton-appointed Judge Gershon:
This left-wing activist Judge is setting a dangerous precedent that left-wing political organizations plagued by criminal accusations have a constitutional entitlement to taxpayer dollars," Issa said. "The Obama Administration should immediately move to appeal this injunction.”
A couple of questions:

(1) will we now see organizations not receiving federal funds, or not receiving sufficient federal funds, also suing Congress to get on the gravy train? How can we have one without the other? and

(2) can "we the people" sue Congress for using our money for fraudulent purposes (which can go far beyond just ACORN)?

Bachmann talks about both of these issues in the excellent video below. Here is a portion of her comments:
ACORN, a criminally corrupt organization, that was recently caught on videotape, counseling a pimp and a prostitute, who wanted to bring underage illegal aliens into the U.S....counseling them on how they could purchase a house of prostitution, to further prostitution of underage illegal aliens. That's about as bad as it gets, so now Barney Frank wants to create a slot, a seat on the oversight board of our financial services industry in America, and give ACORN a seat? This is beyond outrage and this shows how out of touch not only Chairman Frank is, but how out of touch this Congress is, and for any members of this Congress to vote for Chairman Frank's financial services bill, knowing that ACORN will have a seat at the board of directors, overseeing all of financial services, it is time to be serious time, be serious, and I just think it would be reprehensible for Congress to cast that vote.
You and I have been "serious" for a long time now, about the fraud inside the halls of Congress. Frank should lose his seat just for entertaining the amendment. It is a hard pill to swallow to believe that his constitutients want this graft and corruption in the name of governance, coming from their districts.

Michelle Bachmann, ACORN and Barney Franks (video)

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