Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pakistani Christians Promised Special Christmas Present by Islam

Jihad Watch reports that Christians in Pakistan received text messages warning of a "special Christmas present."


The Gorja Christian Colony located about 220 miles southwest of Islamabad was torched in August by some 3000 Muslim maurauders. Today, Christians are receiving text messages of a "special Christmas present."
It was the fires that most traumatized Gojra's Christian Colony, a neighborhood in the heart of this Punjabi city about 220 miles (354 kilometers) southwest of Islamabad. In early August, hundreds of Muslims rampaged through the dirt streets, looting and torching homes as panicked residents tried to flee and thick black smoke rose into the air.
Eight Christians died -- seven of them from one family trapped in a burning home.... [...at least 8 people - including 4 women and a child of 7 years - were burned alive}
Christians say more than 100 homes were burned and looted in Gojra and the nearby village of Korian. While many homes have been rebuilt using state money, dozens of families are still living in tents, waiting for construction on their houses to finish.
Both those who have moved back into their homes and the ones still in the camp say they are still regularly threatened -- phone calls telling them to stop pressing for those responsible to be convicted, or else; armed men turning up at their homes; text messages on their cell phones promising a "special Christmas present;" rocks thrown at the tents in the night.
Just imagine, if 3,000 Christians or Jews had attacked a Muslim compound, anywhere in the world - the outcry would have been defeaning.

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