Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Gridiron Dinner Speaker: Sarah Palin Barney Frank Gridiron Speakers

Governor Sarah Palin will speak at the Gridiron Dinner on December 5th. Rep. Barney Frank is the invitee for Democrats. What a pairing.

 Sarah Palin

 Barney Frank
According to this report, the winter Gridiron is not public, and is considered off-the-record. Does that mean that absolutely nothing will leak? the spring Gridiron is usually a hilarious affair, depending on your sense of humor.

Palin will show up Saturday night as the author of the bestselling Going Rogue, and Franks shows up as the topic of a new biography: Barney Frank: The Story of America's Only Left-Handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman. His book was released in September 2009.

In Amazon's 100 Top Sellers
No. 1 Going Rogue with 66 days in the top 100

No. 11 Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck

No. 21 True Compass: A Memoir by Ed Kennedy

No. 40 A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity by Bill O'Reilly

No. 63 The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

No. 68 Glenn Beck's Common Sense

No. 83 Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin

No wonder Liberals want their own best-seller list.

The Gridiron is the most prestigeous journalistic organization in Washington, D.C. The members represent major newspapers, news magazines, broadcast networks and news services. Membership is by invitation only, but I think FOX News is a member anyway. I hope we hear some stories about Palin's speech. Surely someone will talk.

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