Thursday, December 10, 2009

Valerie Jarrett Community Jobs Forum: Obama and Jarrett Call for Community Organizing

Last week, President Barack Obama held a jobs forum. Liberals endorsing Obama's expansion of government were invited to solve the jobs problem in the U.S. Harry Alford, the President of the Black Chamber of Commerce was not invited. The National Chamber of Commerce was not invited. Valerie Jarrett, the other side of Barack Obama's brain, wants to know what you think about jobs. See a video below.

Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett

The White House is asking communities like yours to chime in, and hold "jobs forums" locally - some community organizing coming your way. The administration really wants your ideas:
Hearing from working Americans and communities across the country means understanding what’s really happening on the ground, what’s working, and what’s not.
 Yeah...I don't think the President is too interested in what is happening on the ground. In Union shops and in faculty dining rooms, yes...at your small business...huh uh.

Big Obama donors, union executives and a bevy of the 'learned' were hosted on behalf of you and me, and we both know that none of these people care about either of us.

The National Chamber of Commerce, the Black Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business were not invited. The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) was there. The AAFL-CIO and the American Federation of Teachers was there.

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt - big Obama supporter and contributor - giving $4,000 personally and Google employees shelling out over $800,000, attended. Just to keep things clean, McCain donor, Frederick Smith of Federal Express was invited.

The Bureau of Labor says unemployment "edged down to 10.0 percent" in November 2009, but we had several days over Thanksgiving with unemployment offices closed for the holiday.

From the Washington Times' Critics not invited to White House 'jobs summit:'
"The panel does not include free-market voices who will contend the administration is spending too much or interfering too much in the economy, or that it is hurting job creation by increasing the burden of taxes and government debt," said Josh Barro, a senior fellow on fiscal policy at the conservative-leaning Manhattan Institute. "I expect these economists will generally call for more Keynesian stimulus - more deficit spending and more aid to state governments." 
I saw a comment on a forum board that put it all in perspective:
"Why invite them when you'd rather nationalize them?"
You can sign-up to host or help organize a forum in your local area on the WhiteHouse.gov website.  If you are a community organizer and get involved in this effort, come back and let us know your ideas for job creation. In the meantime, if you need some ideas to kick-start your creative thinking, begin here and be sure to pass it on to Valerie Jarrett.

Harry Alford, Black Chamber of Commerce and Glenn Beck (video)

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