Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cafferty Pelosi: Pelosi What a Horrible Woman She is Video

Cafferty at CNN's Cafferty File is on a roll. In the video below Cafferty rants on Nancy Pelosi's trip to Denmark for the Copenhagen Summit in December. She has refused to talk about the enormous cost of the trip (millions). Cafferty says it is a disgrace, and "What a horrible woman she is," and he says it more than once.

After the video, read all the details of the Congressional Copenhagen Summit Junket. Then, too good to pass up is more Cafferty - Here's Hoping the Crap Splatters at Midterms.

Cafferty on Nancy Pelosi, Copenhagen and What a Horrible Woman She is (video)

Thanks to my blogging friend, sculptor David Lemon ,for the tip.

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