Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Day Bomber Buddies Arrested in Malaysia? Twelve Men Arrested in Detroit Attack?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day Underpants bomber, said there were 23 more planning to follow his own failed Fruit-of-Kaboom attack. Twelve men were arrested in Malaysia, said to be conntected to Detroit, so half of Abdulmutallab's cadre may be behind bars in another Muslim country.

The men were attending "a gathering of Muslims in Kuala Lumpur." Everyone at the meeting was arrested; most were released the next day:

The detainees were among about 50 people attending a religious study group led by Aiman Al Dakkak, a Syrian academic who has lived in Malaysia since 2003. All those present were arrested but most were released the following morning after five hours of questioning.
According to the Malaysian Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein, the men who were arrested 8 days ago are a "serious threat to the country." I assume he means his country.

Look at this. Our DOJ will be sleepless. Malaysia reserves the right to hold a suspect indefinitely, without charge:
They included at least one Malaysian, four Syrians, one Yemeni, one Jordanian and two Nigerians, and are being held under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act (ISA). Under the Act suspects can be detained indefinitely without charge or trial.
 An attorney is already challenging that law.

The Home Minister stopped short of confirming the 12 are part of Abdulmutallab's "group," saying that the arrest were "part of a broader international terrorist investigation.
I think this is a very good wake-up call because the playground for the terrorist is no longer one location. In this borderless world that we live in now, the whole world is their playground.
With Abdulmutallab's buddies detained, that's thirteen down. Ten to go.

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