Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chuck Schumer Supreme Court Investigation on SCOTUS UnAmerican Decision on McCain-Feingold

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says he will investigate today's decision by the Supreme Court striking down portions of McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance laws.

So what will Senator Chuck Schumer do to the Supreme Court if his little investigation finds that McCain-Feingold is unAmerican? Today, the most "American" we can get, outside of our military, is the Supreme Court, although American justice through the Court is in peril with continuing Obama SCOTUS appointments:

I think it's an un-American decision," Schumer said at a press conference Thursday. "I think when the American people understand what this radical decision has meant they will be even more furious and concerned about special interest influence in politics than they are today.
Honestly, will any other Senators show up at this embarrassing call to punish the Supremes. Who would want to sit on that?

The Democrat machine churns on the oppression of voices that dissent their machinations. Schumer said "we will regret the day this decision has been issued," and he's probably correct about that. Democrats have no fondness for free speech when that speech gets in the way of their goals for power and manipulation. I can't wait to see how this investigation of SCOTUS goes. It must be history-making.

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