Saturday, January 16, 2010

David Horowitz USC College Republicans: Horowitz Speaks with Armed Guards

David Horowitz spoke on campus to College Republicans at the University of Southern California (US) under armed guard. It's a danged shame what is going on, on college campus' nationwide. If you are a California taxpayer, or the parent of a student at USC, or a student thinking of attending USC, you need to know your tax money is used to protect Muslim organizations who lie and defame any student body not aligned with Leftist politics. You need to know that conservative students must tread lightly, and when they invite a conservative to speak, they must take precautions to keep themselves and the speaker safe. This is a message to USC Republican alums. This is the time for you to make some noise. Where are the conservative dads and moms? Who will defend these conservative students? The answer is, no one but you.

David Horowitz, author and founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and Students for Academic Freedom, editor of FrontPage Magazine and columnist for NewsMax thanked a group of USC students for having the courage to invite him:

"Once I could stroll onto the USC campus...now I can't set foot on this campus - or any campus - without being accompanied by personal bodygurad and a battalion of armed campus security police to protect me and my student hosts."
Mr. Horowitz told the students that the security was to protect him from the threats of USC Progressive Alliance, Students for Justice in Palestine and the USC Muslim Student Union - each a fascist organization in the real sense of the word "fascist."
But the College Republicans on this campus have been caught in this crossfire. These students pay the same tuition as the political thugs who are on the attack and who are supported by the USC student paper which is under the control of USC administrators, and they do not deserve to be treated this way. Nor should a university administrator lend legitimacy to modes of discourse which violate the published ethical standards of the institution he represents.
Horowitz was invited to speak to College Republicans about an incitement to kill Jews posted on an official USC website, and attributed to the prophet Mohammed. The incitement was posted by the USC Muslim Student Union. It was removed over the protests of the Muslim Student Union, and recently reappeared on a USC website.

The USC Progressive Alliance allegedly put out a flyer pretending to be distributed by the College Republicans. It said "Hate Muslims? So Do We." The president of the University went ballistic, and believed College Republicans were complicit.

The members of College Republicans were threatened with expulsion - even after understanding that they had nothing to do with the flyers. Once the real distributor of the flyer stepped forward, a member of the protected species of Muslim organizations, he received a $25 fine - and expulsion was not on the table.

In a campus-wide letter, the administration said this about Horowitz:
[He] “led members of our community, our Muslim students, to feel threatened, unsafe, and betrayed.” This letter was also sent to every official USC student, faculty, and staff email address and was published as an ad in the Daily Trojan.
Horowitz' letter responding to the claim in the form of an ad was rejected, but after threatening to use California's Unruh Act, [guaranteeing basic fairness] the paper relented. After Mr. Horowitz' speech, delivered on November 4th to a packed house, the ad finally ran on January 12th.

Republican alumni need to get a handle on these situations and speak out loudly. Where are you? You have the power to restore sanity to the campus. Your 50-yard-line stadium seats are not the only thing of importance. Make your statements. If you cannot get them into print, let bloggers know. We'll help you get your message out. We are not going to have regime change in the offices of college presidents, so alumni must reach out and defend conservative students.

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