Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joe Kennedy on Scott Browns Seat: Scott Brown News

Joe Kennedy, II, the nephew of Ted Kennedy, son of Ethel and Robert Kennedy, said skipping the senate race wasn't his greatest decision.

In other Massachusetts news, Senator-to-be (if he can get sworn-in) Scott Brown says he will vote the way he wants to vote...not always with Republicans. He has hired some of former Senator Ted Kennedy's staffers, which he says are among the very best. Wait till the New York Times leaks his Committee reports before they are even filed.

Brown wants to "chart a new course in Washington," and that's well and good, but the question is, will he find anything in this administration he can stomach voting for? If so, can't wait to find out what that may be.

Hello! Republicans want bipartisanship. It makes everything easier, but let's face it, everything the administration has proposed leads straight to socialism and beyond.

The problem Mr. Brown will face is finding a Liberal anywhere on the Hill wanting to support his own focus areas...or maybe not:

Brown also said he planned to focus on four areas as senator: the military, veterans affairs, education, and disability.
He says says there is a lot pressure on him to be everything to everybody, and he doesn't want to let constituents down. That is a lot of pressure. He need only think about his campaign promises, speeches and all those adoring fans...the ones wanting to create a flag in his honor, serve up the Scott Brown Special at the local breakfast diner...just remember all that, and you'll be fine, Mr. Brown.

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