Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jon Favreau Booted as Obama Chief Speech Writer: Mr. Change Needs a Reboot

Another oh, so pithy headline from der Spiegel: Mr. Change Needs a Reboot. President Obamas chief speechwriter has been demoted. Apparently, ghost writers are making their debut.

About Favreau, der Spiegel writer Geogor Peter Schmitz working out of Washington D.C. says :

the time for hope-filled flights of fancy are over
Although Favreau "started to date actresses" and "all of Washington was at his feet," his title remains "chief speechwriter" but according to this writer, he no long "pens" Obama's most important speeches, including those on Iran or Afghanistan.

Europe's adoration of Obama? Honestly - what were they thinking:
Favreau's words, coming from Obama's mouth, reduced people to tears. Obama promised transformation, a change that one could believe in. Things certainly changed for Favreau,
 Favreau, just 28 years old, was recommended to Obama by Robert Gibbs. That should have been Obama's first clue. He often said Favreau could read his mind. That's another problem. America doesn't like what is spawining inside that Marxist mind.

Michael Gerson, writing for the Washington Post, says Obama's "greatest political strength - his oratory - now seems a serious weakness." This is due, of course, to the fact Americas have no trouble recognizing hot air and lies. Gerson cites Obama's "disconnectedness" at times of crisis: the Fort Hood shootings and the Christmas Day bomb attack:
His speech at Fort Hood was strong on paper but delivered with all the passion of remarks to the Chamber of Commerce. His recent White House speech on the terrorist threat was bureaucratic and bloodless. Both grief and resolve seem beyond his rhetorical range
We simply want a president that will keep America free. Barack Obama has never been about freedom. Jon Favreau was hired to make this teleprompter-dependent President a great orator. Depending on the ears that heard,

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