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Mary Matalin Out of the Closet: Matalin Calls Republican Friends Attila the Huns

Republican strategist Mary Matalin is a co-host at a fund-raiser in Washington, D.C. for Democrat New Orleans mayoral candidate, Mitch Landrieu. Mary Matalin is officially "out" as a closet Democrat. My husband is laughing himself silly - chanting "I told you so."

Matalin says none of her "Attila the Hun" fellow Republicans will attend. Really Mary!

Matalin says her support for Democrat mayor in her residence city of New Orleans has nothing to do with "party," and everything to do with "common sense" and "leadership." She says Mitch Landrieu has it.

Hmmmmm. Maybe there's more to it than that. And so it goes in Shreveport thinks that is the case. Could it be...that Senate Dems promised Ms. Landrieu more than the $300 million buyoff for her vote on healthcare? Did they promise national support for brother Mitch? Was Matalin's husband, Democrat operative, James Carville, convinced to ask Matalin to "pretty please," do this for me - A Republican cannot win, come on Mary, dear." Or was money promised for a New Orleans project near-and-dear to Matalin's heart? Who knows, but really, something doesn't smell right with this endorsement.

The Greater New Orleans Republicans (GNOR) were endorsing Democrat Ed Murray, but - oops! he dropped out in early January. GNOR is infamous for endorsing current Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin, the failed Mayor who didn't scramble his buses to get New Orleanians out of the inner city during Katrina:

The GNOR also overlooked one of the founders of their own organization, businessman John Georges. Back in 1986, Georges, along with fellow Republican Allen Churchill, launched the Greater New Orleans Republicans. For many years, Georges was a staunch Republican, who financially supported a variety of GOP candidates. However, he switched his party affiliation to Independent to run for Governor in 2007 and is now a Democrat in this race.
There is a Republican in the race. Rob Couhig isn't getting the endorsement of anyone, apparently. He is a longtime Republican, twice candidate for the U.S. House, and he ran for Mayor in the 2006 elections as well, which he lost to Nagin. Couhig is a lawyer and radio talk show host.

Update: 3:30 p.m. CST: A reader left some important information about Rob Couhig and the support he has received in the heavily Democrat city. This from a New Orleanian, and he/she makes a excellent point about Murray no longer being a contender:
I know you would want your post to be as factual as possible.  In that vein I want to correct a point you make.  You mention that "Rob Couhig isn't getting the endorsement of anyone, apparently" .  That is simply not true.  Rob Couhig has been endorsed by the official Republican party of New Orleans (see http://lagop.com/2009/12/la-gop-congratulates-republican-candidates-endorsed-by-orleans-parish-republican-executive-committee/) and the chairman of the state party is actively working to elect Rob Couhig. As well as by the Louisiana chapter of CRIMEFIGHTERS, a group of 11,500 retired police officers and victims who band together to improve the criminal justice system. The group you reference is a small group originally formed some years ago by John Georges as you point out that has their own political ambitions in mind and endorsed Murray as they said because they felt he had the best chance of beating Mitch Landrieu.  Well since Murray is no longer in the race I suppose they were wrong.  Rob Couhig is the only Conservative voice in this election. 
The Washington, D.C. fundraiser isn't Matalin's only outing. She is hosting a "Women for Landrieu" coffee this Tuesday - and she says she "doesn't see this as such a big deal."

I'm the first to admit I do not understand Louisiana politics, and least of all those of the city of New Orleans. The consensus is, a Republican simply cannot win - but we know they sure cannot win without the support of the local conservatives (assuming there are some). If Republican candidates are always given-up on, how does the message ever get out? When the GOP has no message except the support of Democrats...well, how does the message ever get out, and when can we expect a Republican to have a fighting chance? Who knows, a few good conservative ads might begin to breed conservatism within the city. So it takes years...I think it is worth doing.

Matalin, a former assistant to President G.W. Bush, and counselor to Veep Cheney, should keep quiet and just pull the lever for Landrieu in the privacy of the voting booth. Yes, it is her right to stump for whomever she wants, but her endorsement is not a smart move. Let hubby, leftist extraordinaire, James Carville, get down in the gutter and do the co-hosting.

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