Thursday, January 21, 2010

Megyn Kelly New Show: Megyn Kelly Leaves Bill Hemmer

Megyn Kelly will go solo on FOX News at 1-3 p.m. each day, replacing The Live Desk with a yet to be named new show beginning February 1, 2010.

The Live Desk's Martha McCallum will take Megyn's place with Hemmer on America's Newsroom 9-11 a.m. Trace Gallagher who hosted with Martha will be absorbed into other programming.

Kelly’s new afternoon program will focus on the top stories of the day, covering breaking news as well as showcasing interviews with key newsmakers and experts offering analysis on the day’s events.
Additionally, the two-hour block will include her signature legal segment, “Kelly’s Court,” which will showcase Kelly’s skills from her previous career as a litigator. Aside from anchoring a new two-hour program, she will continue to appear as a regular guest on The O’Reilly Factor every Thursday evening during her branded legal segment, “The Kelly File.”
Kelly has recently returned to FOX News from maternity leave.

Megyn at her best:
Megyn Kelly Bill Burton - White House Email List video

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