Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama at GOP Conference: Obama Says Health Care Centrist: Angry President Delusional (Videos)

President Obama met with Republicans at the GOP Issues Conference in Baltimore today and denied that he wanted to impose huge governmentment, denied that he is a ideologue, told them they will be vulnerable with their constitutients for their tone, demonization, and lack of cooperation - and then amazingly, informed them that his health care bill is "centrist." You'll see all that in the first video below. The second video is the entire address.

 At about 13 minutes into the second video, he asks Republicans to join him in putting all earmarks online for the public, and disclose all contacts with lobbyists, so that we can "do the people's business in the bright light of day. He actually said this with a straight face. If there is a freeze on all discretionary spending, how will earmarks be allowed, and Mr. President, clue "the people in" to the dirty little secret, that few lobbyists are registering as lobbyists, these days, but continue to "lobby" in the name of plain old business.

At about 14 minutes into the second video, note that the President says he will "eagerly" look at the Republican's health care ideas contained in the GOP's document, Better Solutions. Then he turns to dishonest rhetoric saying: if anyone here believes our health care system is working well, I respect your right to say so, but I disagree.

The problem with this is that Republicans are not saying health care is "working well." They are saying that it works better than what Democrats have proposed. Republicans say we need health care reform and sometime ago, put those ideas in writing. 

Angry, Delusional Obama at GOP Conference (video)
Obama address to GOP Baltimore Conference (video)

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