Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama Full Speed Ahead for Health Care: Your Opinion has Never Mattered

The war begins now. President Obama says he will push ahead - full speed - for health care. Your opinion has never mattered.

Now we need the individual Congressmen and women to step all over this man's ego. It should be clear that those in Congress who have waivered over their vote, will see the writing on the wall more clearly after the Massachusetts vote. But we know Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will travel to the depths of indecency to buy their fondest desires. Who will be the next Martha Coakley?

Their options are few, and extremely complex, mostly involving legislative tactics that would be difficult to pull off in the best of circumstances, let alone at a time when members are worried they could be the next Martha Coakley – a seeming Democratic shoo-in laid low, in part, by health reform.

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