Friday, January 15, 2010

Pantex Nuclear Plant Locked Down in Amarillo Texas

Pantex Nuclear Plant is locked down in Amarillo, Texas. Employees are being "sheltered in place." Apparently this is a security threat. More as available. Update: The emergency was due to hunters, armed of course, seen in the fields near Pantex. The lockdown is over now.

Pantex Activates Emergency Response Organization
· The Pantex Plant has activated its Emergency Response Organization to respond to a potential security situation. The event occurred at approximately 8:00am.

· The Plant is in a lockdown status and the situation is being evaluated in order to facilitate security actions. Pantex employees are sheltered-in-place.

· Pantex’s response effort is being conducted by the Emergency Response Organization, a highly trained group of employees with detailed knowledge of plant operations and emergency response procedures. These employees represent plant functions such as security, logistics, safety, medical response, radiological assessment, firefighting, operations and public information.

· The emergency responders’ top priorities are the safety of the public, workers and the environment, as well as ensuring security is maintained.

· Pantex is also in the process of establishing communication links with various local, state and federal government agencies that will work with Pantex and communicate with the public during the response to this event.
Pantex is a government-owned, contractor-operated nuclear weapons assembly/disassembly facility. It also manufactures high explosive components.

The plant is located 17 miles NW of Amarillo.

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