Monday, January 25, 2010

Right Reading Roundup 1-25-10 at Maggie's Notebook

In case you missed these, here are some great blog commentaries I've found this week:

Michael Barone writing at Beltway Confidential has a fascinating piece on what might be possible for Republicans in the House in the November elections. After some unique analysis, Barone says if past voting history is any barometer, Dems may have only 103 safe seat. H/t to Larwyn's links.

InfidelsareCool tells us how the US Treasury cleared the way for funding Hamas.

Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish has a piercing essay on America's Greatest Weakness: The Insecurity of Freedom: "Tyranny then could only come from the desire for security."

Lionheart tolls the warning...again, and...again, and...again. Watch his video report from Sky News, England has Fallen to Islam.

At CommentaryMagazine, Jillian Kay Melchior reports that disgraced ClimateGate scientist Michael Mann is still receiving "millions of dollars in grant money from the 2009 stimulus package."

Stanford at Blog@MoreWhat says one more Obama policy has his administration looking like the fools they are (well...those are my words, not his). The Obama-long-arm reaches to the carp in the Great Lakes. The good people of Michigan need protection of Governor Granholm and her friend Barack.

JammieWearingFool has a great video of Sean Penn praising the US military in Haiti, and asks, if this military were serving under Bush/Cheney, would we hear the same?

Snarky Basterd at Feed Your ADHD has a sweet video of his 6-year-old son reciting the Preamble to the US Constitution. Can you do that? I can't!

Samuel at The Last Tradition reveals the Democrat strategy to consider abortion a matter of "health care."

Amusing Bunni's Musings has a quick video of "citizens showing up at rally's and speaking their minds." As Bunni said "thank the Lord" for them.

Mary Sue at Ruby Slippers has another post on election analysis, and says 58 Democratic Seats in Play, Including 12 New Seats.

At TOTUS, you'll read a story some think should be turned into a movie. You'll enjoy this.

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