Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rosarno Italy Muslim Migrant Uprising

I recently reported on an uprising in Rosarno, Italy in Calabria. The town has many problems including unemployment. The area is crime, gang and perhaps Mafia-ridden. Early reports were mixed as to the cause of the two days that saw residents threatened, businesses closed and cars trashed or burned, and African migrants shot at with pellet guns. There more to the story than I originally reported, however, and that is a Muslim connection to the riots.

Today I was researching a story about a Russian airliner hijacked by Chechen Muslims, and ended up at BareNakedIslam and their post titled Italy knows how to deal with its Muslim Problem, along with some excellent links to other stories on...Italy's Muslim problem.

I also found the following video of the Rosarno riots. The video pretty much blames the residents of Rosarno, and says attacks are racially motivated. Residents say the migrants have brought violence, and even rape to the town. The Italian government has issued a statement saying :

"In all these years illegal immigration has been tolerated without doing anything effective, an immigration that on the one hand has fed crime and on the other has led to situations of extreme squalor such as that at Rosarno."
Read my original post for background on the Rosarno riots here.

Rosarno, Italy Riots (video)

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