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Shar Krasniqi is Dorice Donegan DeeDee Moores boyfriend: Abraham Shakespeare Lottery Winner found Buried on Shar Krasniqi Property?

Abraham Shakespeare is the $31 million Florida lottery winner who went missing, and now has been found dead and buried at the property where Shar Krasniqi, the boyfriend of Dorice (Doris) Donegan "DeeDee" Moore is living. It appears that Moore may be Krasniqi's landlord...or maybe not. Reports vary on the owner of the property at this time. See videos below. Update 1-30-10: Maybe...just maybe, a breaking update tomorrow.

Abraham Shakespeare

Moore raised suspicions when she said Shakespeare gave her $1 million in cash before taking off for unknown destinations. She conveniently videoed Shakespeare, as she was asking him questions about where he wanted to relocate.

Shakespeare was found yesterday, allegedly buried in Krasniqi's, (26) backyard. The following is from Ericka Courtneys News Challenge:
43, won the big jackpot after buying a lottery ticket at a convenience store in a town called Frostproof, claiming later that he gave the last $3 in his pocket to a homeless man just before the winning numbers were announced.
Shakespeare — who had a criminal record that included arrests and prison time for burglary, battery and not paying child support — took a lump-sum payment of $16.9 million instead of annual installments.

DeeDee" Moore is a person of interest, but neither she or Krasniqi have been charged.
"He really didn't understand it at all," said Samuel Jones, who has known Shakespeare since both were 12." "It was moving so fast. It changed is life in a bad way."

Jones said Friday that Abraham told him March that he wanted to get out of Lakeland, where he had bought a millon-dollar home, clamoring for cash....

Among those new friends was Dorice Donegan "DeeDee" Moore. Shakespeare met her in 2007, shortly after bought his home. She told him she was interested in writing a book about his life.

But officials said whe was interested in his money.
Authorities said Moore was a "con artist." Information about the ownership of Krasniqi's home is unclear. Mr. Shakespeare's longtime friend, Robert Earl Brown said he last saw Abraham on Arpil 3rd, 2009 in a supermarket. This from the Orlando Sentinel:
That day, like many others, Shakespeare complained that friends and strangers were asking him for money, Brown said...I wish he'd never won it. He said 'Better off me being broke."
Mr. Shakespeare's remains were found yesterday:
The concrete slab that covered the spot where the remains had been found was in chunks in a pile. The pieces were heeped beneath a stand of oak trees behind a spacious, attractive, two-story brick home southwest of Plant City that Moore had bought several months ago, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

A neighbor said he never saw anyone there.

The house is on a busy stretch of highway — State Road 60 — near the Hillsborough-Polk County line, a road lined with strawberry fields and citrus groves.
Moore allegedly paid one of Shakespeare's relatives to deliver a birthday card with $5,000 to Shakespeare's mother, attempting to lead her to believe it was from her son. See a photo of Dorice DeeDee Moore in the first video below.

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