Saturday, January 16, 2010

Steve Brown Image Hijacked by Dem Party in Fake UPS Ad: Martha Coakley Backs FedEx Unionization

Republican US Senate candidate for Massachusetts, Steve Brown, had his image hi-jacked by the Massachusetts Democrat Party in an ad that rankled an Atlanta UPS operation, and Martha-the-Mouth Coakley is backing FedEx Unionization.

The ad asks "What can Brown do to you?" - a take-off on the UPS campaign "What can Brown do for you." The answer:
He can reward corporations that ship your job overseas just like George W. Bush.
UPS is asking that the Massachusetts Dem Party stop the ad - right now!

Brown's opponent, Martha Coakley, promised to support unionization of FedEx carrier workers yesterday. She promised to "level the playing field" for workers prohibited from organizing under the federal Railway Labor Act.

If the efforts of Coakley and others are successful, "thousands of workers" would be pulled from the railway act to join unions.
...a spokesman for Memphis-based FedEx said the workers are part of the company’s vast airline carrier fleet - and airline workers fall under the railway act.

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