Friday, February 5, 2010

American Girl, 11, Gives Birth: Who is the Father, Why Isn't He in Jail?

An American girl, just 11-years-old has given birth to a baby boy in a "northeastern" hospital. In the article,  who impregnated her is not mentioned, or how she gave birth, but as I look at lists of very young mothers, most are by caesarean section. The remains unidentified.

11-Year-Old Gives Birth

The girl's mother issued this statement:
My daughter and baby are fine, and the baby is absolutely beautiful," stated the girl’s mother.
If we utilized firing squads, the following would cease to happen:

The youngest mother is believed to be only 5 years old in Peru, in 1939. Her father was arrested on suspicion of rape but was released due to lack of evidence. I wonder if DNA, today would solve this case. Yes, it would.

The youngest American girls to gives birth is believed to a 10 year old Kentuckian who gave birth to a 7.75 pound baby girl in 1834, and in 1979 a 10 year old gave birth to twins in Indianapolis. She is believed to be the youngest mother of twins.

In 2006 a 10 year old girl in South Carolina gave birth after being raped. She was molested for two years by a 26 year old man.

In 2008 a 10 year old from Idaho gave birth to a 6 pound baby. She was raped and a 37 years old man was imprisoned.

In 2002 an 11 year old Connecticut girl was raped by a 75 year old man. She gave birth to his child. The creep, of Bridgeport, CT was arrested. The child met the rapist in an Adopt-a-Godfather" program. He had a prior sexual assault conviction. No word on what happened to him.

In 2007 an 11-year-old-girl gave birth after being raped by her mother's boyfriend.

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