Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charlie Rangel We Are So Close to National Health Care - The Truth Outs!

At 4:45 PM EST The truth is out: Charlie Rangel began his comments at the Health Care summit with:

"We are so close to National Health Care." 
Nevertheless, the President and every other Democrat has taken great umbrage at Republican "rhetoric" characterizing the Democrat proposal as government health care, or a government takeover of health care. Those words by Republicans, the President said was "rhetoric."

Unfortunately, the camera didn't pan the room, so no way to know the reaction to Rangel's words, but indeed, with reconciliation, which Obama indcated late today that Americans want because they believe a majority vote is all that should be required, and Americans are not concerned about Senate procedure. We will have National Health Care unless Dems can't muster the vote.

Just before Dick Durbin spoke today, Obama said:
...the American people are not interested in procedures inside the Senate. They want a vote. Most Americans think a majority vote makes sense.
By the way, Pelosi ended with the comment that there is absolutely no taxpayer funded abortion in the bill and benefits to Seniors will not be cut.

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