Friday, February 26, 2010

Condom Shortage in Vancouver: Emergency Condom Shipment on Way to Olympics

One hundred thousand free condoms have already been distributed to 7,000 athletes and officials at the Olympic games...about 14 condoms per person, but 100,000 condoms aren't doing the job and now there is a condom shortage in Vancouver.

A condom shipment should have reached the desperate athletes yesterday (Thursday, February 25th).

As you read this, an emergency shipment of condoms is desperately making its way across Canada to the West Coast city.
So naturally, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS research decided to step and make sure there were no hitches in Olympic action.
"When we heard about the condom shortage in Vancouver, we felt it important to respond immediately," said Kerry Whiteside, CANFAR's Executive Director. The organization assembled three large boxes of about 8,500 condoms, much to the relief of libidos at the Olympic Village. They're expected to arrive on Thursday.
Get it: "make sure there were no hitches in Olympic action?"

According to the National Post, via VancouverNow, this is the first time a condom shortage has "struck the Games."

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