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Joyce Kaufman: Seven Reasons to Support Israel Video

In December 2008, I posted on The Angst of Supporting Israel. Today it remains one of the most popular posts on my site. My goal was to demonstrate why Israel is not occupying Palestinian land, from both legal and moral viewpoints. Video below.

Joyce Kaufman

In the video below, Joyce Kaufman is speaking in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the first full year anniversary of weekly rallies in support of Israel.  Kaufman is a talk show host for WFTL 850. Here is a bit of her bio:
Joyce Kaufman has been a fixture on South Florida radio for nearly 20 years without interruption.  She started on the original WFTL, 1400AM.  Joyce has gained a very loyal following over the years, likely because she knows the difference between right and wrong and has no problem telling you.

Joyce considers herself fiercely independent and is not ashamed of putting America first, like real liberals used to and our weak-kneed politicians and some so-called conservatives claim to.

She has been evolving into an outspoken critic of the "new-left" who she believes view America as a failed state populated with a helpless, ignorant people in need of reeducation and government rescue. She is also sick and tired of those in power who are afraid to stand up for our nation's Judeo-Christian values and the values of those who,  through their faith, seek only to better themselves and their fellow man.

Joyce still finds America to be the greatest country on earth!  She not only supports our troops, she reveres them.  She's also a registered Independent so if you're looking for a partisan cheerleader, call the Miami Heat Dancers. 
Kaufman is a powerful speaker. I think you will be glad you gave this a listen. If you have time, spend a few minutes reading The Angst of Supporting Israel

Joyce Kaufman: 7 Reasons to Support Israel (video)

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