Thursday, February 18, 2010

Michelle Obama Stocks White House Library with Books on Socialism

Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog took a tour of the White House before attending CPAC, and visited the White House Library. A tour guide told the group that the Obama White House Library was stocked with books chosen by Michelle Obama. Rob took this pic. See an update below 2-20-10 from the L.A. Times.

Michelle Obama stocks White House Library

Socialism throughout the years of our long political history has been unable to bring down capitalism. Is that the message MO is sending? Nah, I don't think so either. Visit SayAnythingBlog for the original reporting, which reminds us of Chairman Mao's representation on the White House Christmas Tree this year.

Mao ornament on Obama's White House Christmas Tree

If the titles are not clear in your browser, they are, left to right:

Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties, Vols. I and II by M. Ostrogorski (UK politics)
U.S. Senators and Their World by Donald R. Matthews
The Populist Moment by Lawrence Goodwyn
The Populist Revolt by Donald Hicks
The Socialist Party of America, by John McBrewster, F.P. Miller and Agnes F. Vandome
The American Socialist Movement 1897-1912 by Ira Kipnis
The Social Basis of American Government by Nathan Glazer
The Invention of the American Political Parties by Roy F. Nichols

More on the White House Christmas Tree in the Time of Obama: View Obama on Mt. Rushmore, along with the Transvestite Community.

Update 2-10-10:
Big Dog's Weblog received a comment saying that the LA Times via the Washington Post reported that the books mentioned above were placed in the White House while Jackie Kennedy was First Lady, not MO, and Kennedy hired a Yale librarian, James T. Babb, to stock the Library. Kennedy's library became an instant library with 1,70 volumes placed on the shelves.

Babb said the works "represent the history and culture of the U.S....essential for an understanding of our national experience," and he knew the selections would be controversial:

Babb told The New York Times in 1963 that there was "bound to be criticism" of the choices. "There will still be people telling us what should be in this library, but we'll just have to be adamant," he said.

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