Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obama at Carnaval in France Brazil: Viviane Castro Nude Obama Painting

The Nice, France Carnival is underway and a float depicting Barack Obama as an ecological superman is floating high above the subjects he thinks he rules over, because, after all - he is the one we have been waiting for. See a video below.

"Yes we can be ecologist"

The theme is The King of the Blue Planet (is Obama the King? - apparently so.)The float is  named "Yes we can be ecologist." Okay. Is that a broccoli in his hand?

Barack Obama is no stranger to Carnavals. Last year in February, a Brazilian woman, Viviane Castro, painted her nude body and samba'd down the avenues of Sao Paulo and Rio with Obama on her leg. Despite the work of art, Castro was not exactly approving of our imperialistic president. No word on what Viviane is up to for Carnaval 2010. See a video below of Castro practicing her samba.

Viviane Castro - Carnaval

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