Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama Prayer Breakfast Faith and Citizenship (Video)

President Obama made a curious comment at the National Prayer Breakfast today. See video below.

In apparently unscripted commentary, he said something very similar to this:

...surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith or my citizenship.
We can question his faith, of course. He works for us...and we have the right to question. Our questions arise from the life he has led, but at this point, we can't do anything about "his faith," but he needn't tell us what we should not do.

Now after the fact of his election, questioning a President's citizenship is quite another matter. If he is not a citizen, he legally has no policies. His teleprompter didn't prompt him. Those words were not included in the transcript the White House released. He has spent thousands to keep pertinent information from reaching the people of this country. Just that alone gets our curiosity going. Is he just rubbing it in?

President Obama National Prayer Breakfast Speech (video)

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