Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama Retail Stores Closed: Washington Union Station Obama Stores Closed

No more frenzy for Obama memoriabilia. Retail stores shut-down. No wonder the unemployed numbers keep rising.

...most of the winter caps [in Washington, D.C] for sale are not emblazoned with the Obama logo. T-shirts depicting our president as a dunking Michael Jordan, a victorious Muhammad Ali, or saber-baring Luke Skywalker (yes, these shirts all existed) are nowhere to be found....

How quickly things change in a year. The Obama Store was capitalism at its most brilliant rawness; find a market and exploit it quickly. The store made possible one-stop shopping for all of your tacky Obama merchandise needs. T-shirts! Hats! Calendars! Hand-warmers! Keychains! It was like something out of Spaceballs (“Obama: The Flame Thrower! The kids love this one.”). The store carried every imaginable product with the words “Obama” and “Commemorative,” except, notably, the Obama Chia Pet.

Of course, the closing of the Obama Store may not be due solely to Obama’s falling popularity. Perhaps the faltering economy which Obama has nothing to do with, he keeps telling us) played a role. Regardless, the store was ideally situated to make big profits. Not only was it in the District of Columbia, where Obama won 93 percent of the vote, but Union Station is swarmed by the most wallet-opening demographic of them all—tourists!
Now, if anti-Obama merchandise were allowed, we could put a lot of people to work again, but remember The Free Market Warrior?

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