Sunday, February 14, 2010

Palestinian Avatars: Avatar Metaphor for Palestine?

Palestinian protesters, dressed in sky blue, long-sleeved T-shirts, matching blue paint on their faces, long braided hair, with Avatar ears sprouting, and the...loincloths - are protesting Israel's security barrier wall, and sending a message that they are the indigenous race to the land. Is Avatar the movie intended to be a metaphor for Palestine?

 Palestinian Avatars

If Avatar was not on your list of movie-musts, the 3-D smash-hit grossed $77M in its first weekend with snow all over the northeast keeping anxious viewers at home. The story is an intergalactic tale of the Na'vi, a race that "belongs," while those arriving from Earth, do not. One reviewer of the James Cameron film, writing at Art Dubai, muses that Avatar may actually be a "metaphor for Palestine."

Avatar Movie

Every Friday Palestinians from the Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Wall, protest a security barrier at the village of Bil'in in Ramallah.The wall was constructed by Israel  in 2002 to keep their own citizens safe, after suicide bombers flooded into Israel, killing more than 1000 in a ten year period, and many apprehended before they detonated. Not a pleasant way of life for any civilized citizenry. This is about suicide bombers. That is why the wall went up.

Israel is rerouting some of the wall, which will return half of the Palestinian territory lost when the wall went up, but that is not good enough for the villagers on the other side. Perhaps they should trying stoning any Palestinian family thinking about belting up. Without suicide bombers, the wall would not have been necessary. See a photo essay here.

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