Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patrick Covington Confirmed to CNCS: Covington and CNCS ACORN Funders

The Senate's latest confirmation is that of Patrick Covington to the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). In his previous position at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Covington was instrumental in funnelling huge sums to ACORN.

Patrick Covington

In fact, The Annie E. Casey Foundation and Patrick Covington directed $1.7 million to ACORN, $800,000+ of it to the Baltimore office where James O'Keefe and Hanna Giles went undercover as pimp and prostitute to expose the organization's illegal activities. O'Keefe and Giles sought advice on hiding income from the IRS while they set up a house of prostitution for 13-year-old girls smuggled in from outside the U.S. If you have not seen the video, click the link and take a look. You won't believe what you will see and hear.

About the Annie E. Casey Foundation:
The Casey Foundation favors the presence of a large, centralized government exercising control over the health care services, employment, and personal incomes of American citizens. To influence policymakers, program administrators, the news media, and other audiences in supporting innovations it regards as progressive,...
According to Discover the Networks, the Annie E. Casey Foundation is deeply involved with "racial injustice," specifically directed at youthful offenders. Of course, you and I would want to know if the youthful offenders, actually "offended," no matter their race - but not the Annie E. Casey Foundation - or the current administration, for that matter.

Annie E. Casey provides funds to the Tides Agency, which is believed to funnel funds to ACORN, although they deny it. LibertyChick has some comprehensive background on The Tides Foundation, SEIU, ACORN and Wade Rathke. They are all swarming the same hornet's nest.

Among the Casey Foundation's hundreds of grantees are the Brookings Institute, the Arab american Institute Foundation, ACLU, LaRava, Save Middle East Action Committee, and of course, ACORN.

You may remember Inspector General Gerald Walpin, who worked through CNCS. He exposed $75 million in misused funds to ACORN, and then was fired by the White House. He also exposed former NBA Star and current mayor of Sacramento, and his access to ACORN monies, through the same CNCS office. See links to information on IG Walpin's work and firing below.

Gerald Walpin was completely cleared of any abuse of authortity as an Inspector General and is suing to get his job back.

Democrats will not let go of ACORN. Doesn't matter how outrageously illegal ACORN is. Doesn't matter that they promote voter fraud. Democrats keep shoving them at us. As Zell Miller famously said: They have no shame.

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