Sunday, February 21, 2010

Right Reading Round-up 2-21-10 at Maggie's Notebook

Have you received an American Community Survey (ACS) from your government? Snarky Basterd at Feed Your ADHD has. This is not the census, but he is ordered to fill it out and return it. The survey asks how much your rent or mortgage payment is, your retirement or pension amount and when you last married. There's much more, including a $5000 penalty if you do not comply. Read what Snarky plans to do, the message he plans to send, and let me know if you were also selected ordered to complete an ACS.

Daniel Greenfield, writing for CanadaFreePress says There is No End to Jihad, and the assault is not coming only from Islam. This is a hilarious and incredulous look at the mess we are in today, beginning with Joe Stack's attack on the IRS and the Tea Party movement, to the Atlanta Progressive News which fired a reporter for displaying objectivity in his writing, to Mitch Romney's 'vulcan grip" on the rapper, Sky Blu, and how a Palestinian official's sexual escapade is blamed on Israel.  And then perhaps the most important piece of news: the attempted corrupting of a U.S. Congressman by the White House. You can also read Daniel at his own blog, Sultan Knish.

Ron at TOTUS has an incredible video of Steve Reicher, a Marine sniper, who made a kill shot from over one mile away and takes out a terrorist. The History Channel recreated the important story.

Ms Sparky pays homage to Sgt. Klayton Thomas and his short and fatal struggle against lung cancer. His death occurred just two weeks after the military acknowledged a "probable link" between Iraq's "burn pits" and various respiratory illnesses shared by far too many of our military. Photo at right is Sgt. Thomas and his wife Mia in happier times.

Whoa! An Ol' Broad's Rambling says former Democrat Congressman, James Traficant, from Ohio plans to run for office again as an Independent. With a 7-year prison sentence behind him, he wants to get into your business yet again. Kate also has a fine essay up on the Second Amendment.

Reaganite Republican has a complete commentary on today's most important issues...through cartoons. James always has the best Sunday Funnies...and they always speak to reality. Instead of reading and weeping, you read, nod wisely and belly laugh. While I often link to this site's pithy work, I was honored this week to be The Reaganite Republican's Featured Blogger - complete with my very own beloved Liberty Bell Banner. Thank you so much, James.

Carole at No Sheeples Here warns of Obama's "rope-a-dope" strategy, and contrary to Carly Fiorina's famous campaign video, Carole shows us the real "demon sheep."

America's Watchtower reports on Harry Reid's miniaturized jobs bill, which he plans to force cloture on...then add back in, all the left-out, still-wanted Liberal measures to later bills. Deception by spreading it all out in several bits of legislation. This is happening tomorrow!

American Power points to The Narrative, which keeps Republicans "stuck in rearguard actions," and asks four tough questions. Here's one: Do Republicans actually disdain an ideal of justice that conjures up an image of well-fed and well-tended sheep?

Debbie at RightTruth caught Colin Powell resurfacing. The General is in defensive mode. She has a suggestion for him.

J.D. Longstreet, writing at FaultlineUSA warns that our tough times haven't yet arrived. Are we on a "primrose path" to destruction?
...I foresee a complete collapse of the American economic system. Something, I feel, that will be much, much, worse than the Dot-Com Crash back in 2000, or even the Sub Prime Credit Crash in 2008. No, what I feel is coming will be worse than both these two former crashes added together. In fact, it has, I believe, already begun.
Friend and contributor to Maggie's Notebook, Karen, The Lonely Conservative, went to CPAC for the first time this year. She invited me along, and for various reasons, I couldn't make it - DANG! Next year will be different. Anyway, reading Karen's coverage, I see she is as distressed as I that Ron Paul won the straw poll. She got a good shot of Newt Gingrich, and says after his speech, she might to able to forgive him for the "Dede Scozzafava debacle...at least for the day." Good coverage here with Andrew Breitbart videos. Scroll through The Lonely Conservative for more.

Smitty at The Other McCain interviews Katherine Jenerette, a GOP candidate for the U.S. House from South Carolina. Browse through the Other McCain for full coverage of CPAC. From Smitty:
She’s an Army vet, mother of four, and sounds like more of what the country needs. This blog supports tough veterans in the fight to reclaim the country from the clutches of Progressivism.
ChicagoRay has some excellent analysis on the media's "reverse psychology" on conservatism's chances in November 2010, along with a video of Rick Santorum's CPAC comments to FOXNews' Brian Wilson (my favorite new guy).

J at Uncoverage.net (thanks to The Other McCain for the introduction) has some great coverage of CPAC. This page for Day 3, in particular. Read the Ann Coulter one-liners and her closing remark: "You've been a great audience, you're all paid shills for the insurance companies, Keith Olbermann is a girl and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

DaTechGuy has video of the Tea Party Reagan Award winners. Here's your chance to put a face to one of your favorite bloggers. Look around at his many posts on other Reagan Ward Winners, and watch for coming CPAC posts, which he says will be coming this week.

Watch Andrew Breitbart confront Max Blumenthal - tell him he's a "punk" and says "racist" is the worst thing you can call someone. Larry O'Connor at Big Government finishes the con-versation.

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