Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thomas Bruso Bus Brawl: Vietnam Tom 67 Defends Against Racist Felon: Epic Beard Man is Thomas Bruso?

I have two videos here. The first is some raw footage of a fight on an Oakland AC transit bus. I was not   entirely clear about "shining shoes," - didn't want to put it up until I understood what was going on. I made a routine visit to Bunni's at Amusing Bunni's Musings and found an interview with Thomas Bruso, a 67-year-old Vietnam vet, who defended himself on the city bus, against a younger man, a felon (according to Tom) who thought because Vietnam Tom had a full white beard, and looked vulnerable, he could do some bullying.

Watch the first video of Mr. Bruso defending himself, and then watch the second video interview with him and hear his story. God bless this man who tried to defuse, and when that didn't work, he refused to be intimidated by a punk.

Thanks to my 'other little brother' who sent the first video and to TrueCrimeReport.

By the way, there's interesting stuff going around about Mr. Brusco - who may be the bearer of the name Epic Beard Man. Google his name and click around or click here, but I'm giving you a strong language warning and more! This is not the first time Bruso has been on camera.

Vietnam Tom Defends himself on an Oakland Bush (video)

Thomas Bruso Vietnam Tom Defends Himself Against Racist Felon (video)

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