Thursday, February 18, 2010

United Flight 741 Bomb Threat: United Flight 741 Diverted to Salt Lake City Emergency Landing

 A bomb threat in the form of a note was found onboard United Airlines (UA) flight 174. The flight departed Denver, bound for San Francisco, and diverted for an emergency landing in Salt Lake City, Utah at approximately 10 AM. The aircraft is a Boeing 757. See updates below.

It is believed the note was found in the galley. Six crew and 193 passengers were aboard. The plane was evacuated and is sequestered away from the airport, luggage and passengers being rescreened. Bomb-sniffing dogs are on the scene.

Update 2-18-10 1:50 PM CDT:
TSA confirms there was a bomb threat note. All passengers are being questioned. The FBI isn't saying much, but crew members found the note, notified the pilot, who believe it was "threatening enough" to divert to Salt Lake City. No details on what was in the note.

Update 2-19-10:
Guess what. There was also an oil leak, unknown at the time the flight diverted. Passengers continued on to San Francisco on a different aircraft.
As of the early hours this morning, there is no information on the actual bomb threat note

United Flight 741 landed at its destination in San Francisco at 8 PM last night, 10 hours late. Here's what the passengers has to say:
We were down in Salt Lake in like 12 minutes or something. It was real fast," Anne Fenner told KTVU.

Once on the ground, the passengers told local media about some tense moments and what they knew about the threat."The landing and everything was a little different," said passenger Todd Roldbold. "It's like they came in high speed and just hit the brakes and put the wheels down."

Their unplanned stop in Salt Lake City was far from relaxing."We were kept on the plane for an hour and from there we were bussed to the immigration area, and held there for a couple of hours and interviewed," passenger Bob Flynn said.

After searching the plane and rescreening everything and everyone that was on it, TSA officials told KTVU they found nothing out of the ordinary.
According to a report at Salt Lake City's ksl.com, passengers were a tad upset that they had to sit on the tarmac, inside the plane, after a bomb threat. That does sound creepy. About the landing:
I was anxious, I'll tell you that," Rodbold said. "You have time to think about it. The landing was a little different; the [plane] came in high speed and hit the brakes. It was foggy. You couldn't see anything, so it was a little anxious at times." 
The report also says that the bomb threat was found in a food cart.

Passengers Discuss United Flight 741 (video)

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