Wednesday, March 3, 2010

6.3 Magnitude Aftershock in Concepcion Chile: Another Tsunami Alert

ABC news just reported a 6.3 aftershock in Concepcion, Chile, which has triggered another tsunami alert. Much of Concepcion has been leveled in the 8.8 magnitude quake last week. I'll have details and updates as available.

Update 12:40 PM CST: Megyn Kelly is reporting that people in the already devastated town of Concepcion panicked. She also said there is no danger of a tsunami, so there are conflicting reports.

Update 2:16 PM CST: David Lee Miller on FOXNews reports that the tsunami alert has been cancelled. Along with the 6.0 aftershock were three others in the range of a high 5 magnitude. The aftershocks were long and rolling.

See reporting on last week's 8.8 mag. quake here.

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